Dental implants provide individuals who are missing one or more of their tooth with a natural-looking replacement solution. Many people prefer them over partials and full dentures because they simply have more features and are easier to use. Furthermore, dental implants Chicago look more realistic than dentures.

The dentist uses a screw to place the implant into the mouth. The tooth is not removable and is cared for in the same way as the real teeth. You can eat and drink as you would like when implants are used. And, most people agree they’re far more sanitary than dentures could ever be. They certainly reduce the embarrassment of taking your teeth out of your mouth.

People of all ages can use implants. People who’ve lost teeth at a young age certainly appreciate them but anyone can find the advantages pleasing. A consultation with the dental professional is the first step in learning more about implants and the benefits they offer to your life and oral health.

dental implants Chicago

One of the biggest drawbacks of dental implants is the cost. They cost considerably more than dentures cost, leaving many people who would like them out in the cold. However, many people wrongly assume the cost of implants is in the six-figures when they need several teeth replaced and this simply isn’t true. Dentists provide discounts and group rates when multiple implants are used.

Most insurance plans will not cover the cost of dental implants but this is not always true. Check with your policy to learn if the costs are covered and if so, the amount that is paid. Financing options for those who qualify also minimize the burden of the costs of the implants since you can pay the total amount over a period of time.